Sunday 20 May 2012

A Treasure Trove of Publishers

Book Publishers Accepting Submissions

A member of my local writers group Scribblers forwarded me an email from Brian Grove who recently published The Treasure Hunter's Handbook with Little Brown Books.

Brian's email was to let writers know that he has created a website that details 1,000 publishers that are currently looking for novels to publish.  As a writer who has queried agents and publishers (usually found in the Writers & Artists Yearbook) I can tell you, first hand, how time consuming it can be to check if an agent/publisher is looking, what their submission guidelines are and whether they are interested in your genre - their tastes and requests change all the time and everyone has a different website layout.  

In addition, his website is full of useful advice for authors looking to get published.  This website looks like a time saving gold mine so all I can say is thank you Brian for sharing your hard work, for me this website is a real treasure.  Perhaps I should consider buying his book and see what other riches I can find whilst I consider who on the list to submit to.

Brian's website:
Brian's book:

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