Saturday 10 August 2013

Feb to April, I was very busy moving house.  During this time I also discovered I was pregnant.  It's been a very exciting 6 months, my mind has been all over the place and writing has taken a back seat - I never thought I'd say that.  Keeping my blog up-to-date... well, there has been no time for that either.

Pregnancy has meant that my modelling has come to a standstill too.  My really cute bump isn't quite the ethereal look I'm famous for.  However, the agency I worked for has decided to go in a new direction and has become a fashion industry consultancy for models and aspiring models.  Their change of direction meant they were looking for writers for their blog.  This sounded like a perfect opportunity for me and they were willing to give me a try.

Writing for someone else is a brand new challenge.  My writing has always been for myself and my personal enjoyment.  A lot of what I write is never seen by anyone.  I tweet'd the news to share with my followers.  I am followed by a number of writers and models who I thought may be interested in giving it a go too.

I now have written some of my first articles for the blog which have been published:

My first article was on make-up brand Illamasqua.  I love the morals they've built their company on varying from the typical animal friendly products to supporting the charity S.O.P.H.I.E.  Their ideals are aspiring and they embrace the unique beauty of all their customers:

Using my experience from trying to conceive I next wrote a piece on how sex can be used to keep fit.  I've written one based on a different position for each month.  For July I based it on the good old traditional missionary position.  Sexercise:

My last entry for July was about the power of getting some shut eye.  A simple beauty secret neglected by many creative geniuses.  We're all guilty of burning the candle at both ends but I thought I'd share how simply going to sleep can make you look more beautiful:

I have some ideas for my August pieces so be sure to check out to see more and contributions by other writers.


  1. You're beautiful no matter what, Ally, and there's nothing more ethereal or feminine than the glow of pregnancy :)