Sunday 26 January 2014

Drift on Swoon Reads

I eagerly awaited Swoon Reads to open their site to submissions and within minutes I was hit upon a problem.  To make my submission stand out I needed a book cover and I didn't have one.  

I knew competition would be fierce so I consulted my friend Neil Anthony Mason of Model Gateway for advice.  Neil invited me over to discuss ideas with himself and Natalie Collins.  It was agreed to use one of my old modelling photos.  With Neil's Photoshop expertise, we transformed the image into a suitable book cover.

It had taken us a few months to get together to do this and then I had my baby.  The delays meant my book Drift did not enter Swoon Reads until January.

Over the next 6 months I need to rack up as many votes as possible to try and win a publishing contract with Macmillan.  If you'd like to help support Drift you can read it here:

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