Tuesday 3 January 2017

Surface Pro 4

For Christmas, my husband brought me a Surface Pro 4. 

I've been wishing for a Microsoft Surface laptop since they first came out but thought I'd never afford one.  You can imagine how happy I am.


I am smitten with my pro. I love how versatile it is.  I love the pen and it is a real novelty to be able to handwrite and see it turn to text.  The keyboard is very comfortable and responsive.  I love how there is a USB slot big enough for my Kingston 3.0 memory stick (which holds all my photos and storage).  I enjoy being able to switch between using it as a laptop or as a tablet. 

The only downside is that MS Office doesn't come with the laptop - I only have a one month free trial, then I need to either buy a subscription or a year of the product.  As Word is the main program I use for my writing this is annoying. The Cloud version doesn't have all the features of the full version that I am familiar with.

I tried searching the MS Store for Writing apps and was disappointed by the lack of options.  I also tried searching for free games and couldn't find anything that took my fancy.  If anything impresses me, I'll blog it.

For productivity it is a gorgeous laptop.  It does everything I could wish.  Perhaps, the lack of distraction will be a blessing in disguise for my writing.  Let's see how many novels are written by Christmas 2017. 

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