Saturday 7 January 2017

Swoon Reads Review

Swoon Reads
This is not a social site for writers.  This website was originally designed by Macmillan (with Fiewel & Friends) to enable readers to highlight the YA Romance novels they should publish, however,  they've now opened their site to all YA genres.

Feedback:  I originally posted my novel Drift to the site in January 2014.  It didn't make it to the short list but those that read it left some positive and insightful comments.  These readers were people who love YA fiction and I found they feedback invaluable in my future edits.  I also could see how far I kept them reading into my novel.

Reading:  You can influence what stories will get published by voting (ratings from 1 to 5).  The stories with the most love hearts will be picked up the by publishers for consideration.

Publishing deal:  You can only submit your manuscript for consideration if it has not been published for sale elsewhere.  Visit their website for the full details but here is the summary of the deal:

"If your manuscript is chosen for publication, we will offer you a $10,000 advance against royalties in a standard Macmillan publishing contract for all rights in all languages, including an option on your next young adult or new adult book."

  • Feedback from YA fiction readers
  • Chance to get published
  • You can't edit your manuscript once submitted (make sure it is fully edited before submitting).  The site is really for querying MacMillan but the process is more insightful than the old fashion query method where unless you hear back you haven't a clue how well your manuscript was received.
  • Not for work published for sale elsewhere
I have continued to edit Drift so there is a change that I could submit the manuscript to Swoon Reads again. 


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