Sunday 16 August 2015

July Beauty Buys

I ordered some treats from Cult Beauty on 1 July which arrived on 8 July (see above). 

The order came to £55.

I was meant to just order Skyn Pure Pore Minimiser and Pixi Glow Tonic but they had some very tempting offers running at the time.  

PIXI offer

One offer was that if you spent £30 on Pixi then you got a 4 Piece Try Me Kit for free.  I was sold.  I orders my tonic and bumped up my order with the brilliance balm in Rosy and got the following samples: 
* Primer 
* Brilliance balm in Unique pink 
* Corrector concentrator
* Endless eyeliner 

Wow! I can see why this has become a cult staple.  After washing my face this makes my face even cleaner.  It helps with blemishes and dry skin because it exfoliates whilst toning.  What a super star.  

I still get the hormonal blemishes but I recently dared to go into town with nothing but powder and mascara on because this has helped the condition of my skin to feel less ghastly.  

This is a rich cherry red.  It costs the lip in a vibrant juicy nourished red.  It feels great.  The balm gives the lips a gently stain so when it runs off you still have a hint of colour.  

The crayon has a twist at the end to push the product up.  It can be applied to the lips and cheeks which makes it extremely useful when in a rush each morning.  

I love vibrant reds but some people might find it too bright.  For me it is a great alternative for my Benefit Benetint balm and stain.  Exactly what I was looking for.  


The tester is in a shorter tube that the full size and doesn't twist up so once it is gone, it is gone.  

I never would have ordered this because I  was disappointed with the magic green lipstick from Barry M.  It reacts to the ph for your lips to give you your personal unique shade of pink.  The Barry M version was dried my lips, went a harsh horrid shade that I didn't feel suited me and went patchy.  It was fun but a waste of money - very disappointed.  

The PIXI balm is firstly incredibly moisturising and feels like a delicious minty treat (it has a minty taste - very refreshing).  It gives a rich sheen.  The unique pink reacts with the ph in your lips to bring out a gorgeous subtle natural shade - your lips but better.  

I will be purchasing a full size of this because I love it.  I apply it to my lips and cheeks.  On my cheeks it has an illuminating effect which is very now.  It's subtle and natural - perfect for everyday. 


The eye liner is very soft and creamy, it glides on and delivers a rich colour that is waterproof and doesn't smudge.  

I loved this eyeliner and used it up quickly - I did have a sample size.  I think because it is so soft it will run out fast, that's the only problem.  

The tester didn't twist up but I believe the full size does so you don't need a sharpner.  I will buy a full size one because it is lovely to wear and very pigmented. 

This is dabbed under the eye to brighten the face.  For my pale skin it looked orange.  I won't buy this again.  


It was a decent primer.  I wore it to a wedding and it kept my makeup on all night through drinking and dancing.  

I had no problems with it but I don't feel compelled to buy the full size of this (because I just bought Skyn).  

Based on the quality of this, I am interested in trying PIXI's green primer to cancel out redness. I'm wondering if it would help neutralise my chin, nose and between my brows which has a pink tone. I've never tried the whole green thing.  

SKYN offer 

Cult Beauty did have a deal that if you spent over £30 on Skyn then you go some free Skyn samples (I can't remember what).  I didn't do the offer because to bump up the order would have meant spending a lot more than I planned as their products are quite expensive.  


I first saw this product on Marks & Spencer's but with my £30 budget I often have something else that takes precedent over trying out such an expensive (for me) primer.  The draw was that it is silicone free.  

I never notice I had enlarged pores until I saw the improvement using this.  I like to apply it on my T Zone - just a pea size amount.  It gives a lovely smooth texture to my skin that makes an excellent base for make up.  

If I can afford to buy this again, I will.  

This product pushed me over my budget in July so I've bought any treats this August but added a lot to my wish list for September.  


Cult Beauty let me choose two free samples that I have not tried yet.  

As I spent over £50 I was entitled to free shipping.