Thursday 24 September 2015

RMS Beauty - Uncover Up

Another Amazingy sample.  RMS beauty do a product call uncover up which is marketed as a foundation and a concealer.  I ordered the lightest shade #00 and Amazingy threw in the slightly darker shade #11.

I applied it to my arm and double checked the lightest is at the top because it appeared darkest on my arm. 

(Left #11 and right #00) 

It had a lovely moist feel to like applying a light moisturiser.  I then blender them in. 

Once blended you can't tell much difference between the two shades.  It's a lovely medium coverage, perfect for everyday.  I'm still not convinced it would perform well as a concealer but I like it as a foundation.    

I prefer shade #11 in my test but I suspect that some residue from Kjaer Weis may have got mixed in.  I had washed my arm between applications but that foundation was thick.  I'll test #00 again to be certain before purchasing. But, that's right, I like this enough that I'm thinking about buying it.  

Lovely texture, good colour & good coverage - not too heavy but enough to even your skin out.  Feels good on my skin.  As a foundation it's a good choice.  

I'm not convinced it would work as a concealer but if you already have it as a foundation, it doesn't hurt to try it. I do love a product with multiple uses. 

I think it's worth the money.   You can often get kits with this and three to four other products in which saves you money if you want to try the brand.  Their luminizer has great reviews!  Amazingly sell the kits at about 100 euros which is about £80.  Most places sell the kits at 150 euros.  Just the uncover up is 36 euros and that is about £26.  

Kjaer Weis vs Luxsit

Two other samples I bought from Amazingy were: 

* Kjaer Weis cream foundation - Porcelain 
* Luxsit BB cream - fair opal (spf 15)

The full size Kjaer Weis products are in posh silver cases that can be refilled.  It looks glamorous and economical.

I had never heard of Luxsit before visiting Amazingy. As I'm looking to replace my current BB cream with something organic this seemed like a good option.  I also like that it has spf protection - very positive for a redhead.  

This thing I notice is that both products are a darker shade than my other samples.  As far as I am aware, this is currently the lightest shade they stock.  

The Kjaer Weis (top) was very thick.  The Luxsit was oil and separated when I samples some on my skin. 

The Kjaer Weis is clearly too dark for my pale skin. It looks like it gives a full coverage so if you can get the right shade for you then you could easily give the illusion of flawless skin.  If you are Loly White like me then you'll look like an Oompa Loompa with this on your face.  

The Luxsit disappear into my skin and felt nice.  I guess the oil helps it melt in but I'm concerned it would be too sheer for me.  It is full of benefits (a one for all style product). 

Kjaer Weis is good quality but too dark.  "Like Porcelain" is nothing like porcelain.  Being able to buy refills will save you money and the environment.  The case is so pretty I wanted this to be the one.  

Luxsit is full of benefits (a one for all style product) but I don't think it will have deep enough coverage for me. I do like that it includes spf protection.  

Sadly, I'm not sold by either so won't be investing in a full size versions.  The hunt for the perfect organic base for pale skin continues.  

Hiro Cosmetics

I had not heard of Hiro cosmetics until I saw them on Amazingly's website.  I really liked the sound of the space balm and requested a sample.  Amazingly felt I should consider Hiro mineral powder so threw a sample pot of that into my order along with the balm sample. 

I got:

* Hiro Space Balm -#02 Altaira 
* Hiro Mineral Foundation - #01 Porcelain 

The balm was tricky to get out the bag to try.  It had a sticky texture and was thick.  

The powder was easy to get out the pot and dust into my arm.  It did have some sparkles in it.  

The balm is slightly darker than the powder.  It has a matt look whereas the powder has a shimmer look. 

They balm rubbed in well but is noticeable on my skin due to the heavier coverage.  The powder seemed to disappear but left a sparkle which I'm not sure I like for everyday wear. 


Balm:  I wish I had more product to try.  I will try it on my face but I think it may be a tad to dark for me.  

Mineral powder:  I can't see me using a sparkly face powder for everyday.  I can see my younger self wanting it for nights out on the town but I very rarely get a night out now and can't warrant the expense of an occasional powder.  

I'm really happy with my Lily Lolo mineral powder that I am not considering replacing it. 

Tuesday 22 September 2015

Ilia Beauty base

One of my Amazingy samples was the Ilia concealer.  Amazingy threw in the tinted moisturiser for free - just because they are thoughtful like that.  I hadn't chosen the moisturiser as I was concerned it would be too sheet but as I had a sample I gave it a go.  

I got:

* Ilia Beauty Moisturizer Los Roques (T1)
* Ilia Beauty Vivid Concealer Cassava (C1) 

Both samples came in pots which made it easy to try and a decent amount.  

The tinted moisturiser was a good shade and blended well.  If you are looking for a sheer coverage then this would be ideal. 

The concealer is denser but still easy to rub in.  The texture is suitable for covering imperfections and I will test it when I've more time.  I will keep this in mind.  


Tinted Moisturizer:  I do like it but I'm looking for more coverage.  It is something I'd consider if my tastes change because the colour is ideal and felt good on my skin.  It would even out my skin tone.

Vivid concealer:  This is going on my wish list as it is a good colour and texture for a concealer.  I'm bound to use up the sample but will try it on my face before buying.

Monday 21 September 2015

Ere Perez foundation

I love Ere Perez waterproof mascara and really wanted to try their Oak Milk Foundation.  Being an Australlian brand I was concerned that their idea of pale would be a more tanned version than the UKs.  

I was really pleased to discover Flora and Fauna online a natural boutique that offer samples of Ere Perez foundation. They charge 5.41 AUD and free shipping.   This is about £2.50.  In addition, for every AUD spent, you earn a loyalty point. 

As it was coming all the way from Australlia it wasn't the quickest order. When it arrived it was in a bubble wrap envelope and came with a handwritten card "Hi Alison, thanks for shopping at Flora and Fauna.  Hope you love the sample foundations, F&F x".  It was a sweet personal touch and my two samples were in neatly labelled screw top pots (I can probably reuse) and packaged in a cotton gift bag.  

There was a small card with the web address and details about Flora & Fauna shop "Natural, cruelty free beauty and skin care.  Over 40 luxurious local and global brand.  seasonal beauty boxes.  Shop, vegan, organic, local".  There was a green theme throughout. 

The Ere Perezfoundation is exactly the texture I was looking for.  It's thick enough to even out your complexion but fluid enough to blend easily.  

I only really wanted to try the shade Light but the shades came as a pair so I had Light/Medium for comparison.  I didn't feel there was much difference in the two shades.  Sadly I felt both shades were too dark for me.  

It's a real shame because I really wanted to like this.  The foundation ticks all my boxes for everything I want but if it is too dark.  I don't want to look like I've been tangoed which is even worse for a redhead (Orange hair, orange face - nooooo!).

I did try it on my wrist so another day I'll try it out on my face and see if that works better.  However, for now... It's top marks to Flora & Fauna and a no to Ere Perez for pale skin.  


Wednesday 16 September 2015

Sept Beauty Buys (MOA and Acorelle)

I bought some treats and samples from Naturismo which has to be my top online organic store.  The site is easy to use and find what you want and I like their offers.  All orders get free shipping! 

I bought: 

*  Acorelle Balance set £15
*  MOA green Balm £4.99 


The set comes with three 10ml bottles of scents with armotherapthy benefits to balance you.  

*  Silky Rose:  my signature perfume is Chloe but I've found that other Rose perfumes just can match it.  However, this was a lovely sweet uplifting floral scent and I've found myself wearing it everyday.  
*  Vanilla Blossom:  this was the scent I was most excited to try but was disgusted.  Scent is a personal taste and some may like it.  On me it smelt like old lady and moth balls.  I hate being wasteful but I really hate the smell.  
*  Absolu Tiare:  this was the scent I would never have bought if it were not part of the set. It's pleasant.  I've thrown it in my handbag as an emergency perfume.  

ACORELLE VERDICT:  you get a good variety in the box and they are decent sizes to really try them out or use on the go (holiday).  I'm glad I tried them before buying full sizes as I almost bought the vanilla one.  The Rose is going on my xmas gift wish list.  It isn't long lasting and it's very subtle but since wearing it my mood has been on a constant hight - perhaps the aromatic effects.  


This is an everything balm.  

I bought it for my son's cut finger to help it heal.  He's a toddler so he's constantly finding new dangers to get bumps and scuffs.  My plan was with mummy's kisses, cuddles and magic balm, boo boos will be gone.  

Noah isn't that bothered by it. 

I on the other hand was suffering with some dry skin on my nose - I think it was caused by Glow Tonic which I stopped immediately and read scary reports about skin cancer.  I decided I needed a more moisturising cleanser for my skin and decided to give MOA a go as it was sitting on my shelf.  

Like coconut oil you need to warm this up into an oil.  It is softer though, more like butter.  I massaged it onto my face then pressed a warm flannel onto my face - to open the pores and let it enjoy the balm.  Then, I washed it off.  Next, I rinsed my flannel under the cold tap and pressed it against my skin to close the pores.  My face felt clean but moisturised.  I wasn't worried about using a toner to remove the last traces because this product can be used as a moisturiser.  My skin loved it.  

I had a sample of another balm cleanser that just didn't live up to the joy I had with MOA.  

MOA VERDICT:  I wish I'd bought a larger pot!  This is affordable and so versatile.  It is an amazing product.  I'll be getting the bigger size come pay day. 



With every order you can buy up to 5 samples.  There is also usually a 7 free samples offer if you spend over £25. 

I choose: 

* Cauldaline - Divine oil 
* Aurelia - miracle cleanser 
* Vapour -highlighter in trick stick 
* Balmology - nourish beauty balm 
* Balmology - cleanse cleansing balm 

They threw in: 

Sept Beauty Buys (Antipodes kits)

After spending NO money in August I couldn't wait until pay day.  Sadly my budget hadn't doubled. 

From Amazon I bought: 

* Antipodes Moisture Boost Minis set
* Antipodes Anti-Aging Minis set


This set contains 

*  Joyous Protein-Rich Night Replenish Serum 10ml 
*  Avacado Pear Nourishing Night Cream 15ml 

It arrived at the end of August (does that technically fall into the Aug budget?).  

The serum comes in a bottle with a pippet. I dosed two drops onto my fingers and massaged it into my face, neck and de collage.  Then I apply the cream.  I use a generous pea size amount.  

The serum is full of berry oil so I expected a fruity smell and the cream has pear so I thought it would be sweet.  However both of them have a mild earthy smell that is unisex.  

The condition of my skin improved quite quickly.  I'm suffering with less breakouts and less dry patches of skin.  The only downside is that the oil gets in my hair when I sleep and I wake up with unglamorous sleek hair.  


This set arrived on 1st September and I've used it everyday since.  It contains: 

*  Divine Face Oil Avacado Oil & Rosehip 10ml 
*  Vanilla Pod Hydrating Day Cream 

Again, both products are very lightly fragrances and have a very natural earthy smell.  The vanilla cream has been in my wish list for ages because I love the smell of vanilla so I was a tad disappointed that  it didn't smell like ice cream.  It's still sweet but more subtle. 

I applied it using the same method I used with the anti-aging set. Again, I've loved the results with my skin.  However, it takes a while to dry and I'm often in a rush so end up applying my BB cream and mascara and the combination results in panda eyes - I know, I need to be more patient.  

ANTIPODES VERDICT:  both kits are great to try out the products.  It's been over 2 weeks and I still have plenty left to use.  I love the result on my skin and have learnt to use less oil.  I really want to buy the full size products but they aren't cheap, with RRP starting at £18 for the serum up to £30 for the night cream.  To buy all four would blow my monthly budget for a few months!