Sunday 20 December 2015


I hit upon this brand by accident whilst browsing an online store and decided to google them to find out more.  I was really pleased they offered an affordable tester.  Everyone's skin is unique so although reviews can help, nothing beats trying it out for yourself.  

It also ticked all my boxes: 

* all natural 
* cruelty free 
* affordable 
* british (it's nice to support a local business, plus my product doesn't travel as far so there's less pollution) 

The last test was whether it is good quality.  Affordable and quality don't often go hand in hand - you tend to get what you paid for.  For just £1.99 it sounded like an invitation to try it out for myself.  

I was interested in the cleansing balm but decided to purchase all the samples.  I got:

* cleansing balm = £1.99 
* moisturising cream = £1.99 
* body butter = £1.99 
Postage and packaging was £1.15 

My order arrived promptly.  I really liked the travel friendly mini tins.  These would be perfect for holiday and look adorable. The lids are easy to get off and seem to stay on well too.  

They also sent a leaflet all about how their product is sourced and why all natural is better value for money than organic products that often contain a high percentage of water.  


I massaged this onto my skin and then used a hot flannel to remove it.  There is no need to moisturise afterwards.  The product looked hard but was actually very soft and easy to apply. 

CONS:  I felt odd not using a moisturiser so applied the cream afterwards.  

PROS:  It didn't dry out my skin or cause new breakouts.  The scent isn't very strong.  

The sample lasted about 3 weeks so would be ideal for holidays.  

VERDICT:  This is a good quality affordable product.  You can't lose.  I would buy again.  


I applied this to my face, neck and de collage after cleansing. I also applied it to dry spots and those pesky hormonal breakouts.  I rubbed my finger over the solid product and it turns into an oil that's easy to run in.  

The product has a multiple of uses - an everything cream.  It has claimed to help skin conditions like psorasis and eczema.

CONS:  If it gets in you hair, your hair looks oily.  

PROS:  Helped heal spots faster.  Good at keeping dry skin hydrated.  Gentle scent.  I rubbed leftover product into my hands - my nails and cuticles love it.  

VERDICT:  my favourite out of the free. I would buy this again but waiting for my sample to run out.  

The sample is the perfect handbag size.  


This has a very similar consistency to the others but was the hardest out of the three. I scraped the product out and warmed it my hands before rubbing on my body.  I used it everywhere but my face.  

CONS:  it takes ages to apply to your body because you can only scrap a little out at a time.  

PROS:  My skin wasn't irritated by it and it was moisturising.  Same gentle smell.  

VERDICT:  I wouldn't by the butter again. It took me too long to apply after my bath/shower - I get cold quickly so need a fast application.  It works but it's not for me.  


These samples were very impressive.  They are beautifully packaged and you can tell the brand take pride in producing a product that is ethical, green and works.  

These are perfect for travel, as well as testing, you get a decent amount in the tins.   

Give them a go, you won't be disappointed and it won't break the bank.  


They'd also make cute stocking fillers for a natural beauty lover.  In addition, they do gift sets where you can buy their products at a discounted price.