Monday 21 September 2015

Ere Perez foundation

I love Ere Perez waterproof mascara and really wanted to try their Oak Milk Foundation.  Being an Australlian brand I was concerned that their idea of pale would be a more tanned version than the UKs.  

I was really pleased to discover Flora and Fauna online a natural boutique that offer samples of Ere Perez foundation. They charge 5.41 AUD and free shipping.   This is about £2.50.  In addition, for every AUD spent, you earn a loyalty point. 

As it was coming all the way from Australlia it wasn't the quickest order. When it arrived it was in a bubble wrap envelope and came with a handwritten card "Hi Alison, thanks for shopping at Flora and Fauna.  Hope you love the sample foundations, F&F x".  It was a sweet personal touch and my two samples were in neatly labelled screw top pots (I can probably reuse) and packaged in a cotton gift bag.  

There was a small card with the web address and details about Flora & Fauna shop "Natural, cruelty free beauty and skin care.  Over 40 luxurious local and global brand.  seasonal beauty boxes.  Shop, vegan, organic, local".  There was a green theme throughout. 

The Ere Perezfoundation is exactly the texture I was looking for.  It's thick enough to even out your complexion but fluid enough to blend easily.  

I only really wanted to try the shade Light but the shades came as a pair so I had Light/Medium for comparison.  I didn't feel there was much difference in the two shades.  Sadly I felt both shades were too dark for me.  

It's a real shame because I really wanted to like this.  The foundation ticks all my boxes for everything I want but if it is too dark.  I don't want to look like I've been tangoed which is even worse for a redhead (Orange hair, orange face - nooooo!).

I did try it on my wrist so another day I'll try it out on my face and see if that works better.  However, for now... It's top marks to Flora & Fauna and a no to Ere Perez for pale skin.  


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