Thursday 24 September 2015

RMS Beauty - Uncover Up

Another Amazingy sample.  RMS beauty do a product call uncover up which is marketed as a foundation and a concealer.  I ordered the lightest shade #00 and Amazingy threw in the slightly darker shade #11.

I applied it to my arm and double checked the lightest is at the top because it appeared darkest on my arm. 

(Left #11 and right #00) 

It had a lovely moist feel to like applying a light moisturiser.  I then blender them in. 

Once blended you can't tell much difference between the two shades.  It's a lovely medium coverage, perfect for everyday.  I'm still not convinced it would perform well as a concealer but I like it as a foundation.    

I prefer shade #11 in my test but I suspect that some residue from Kjaer Weis may have got mixed in.  I had washed my arm between applications but that foundation was thick.  I'll test #00 again to be certain before purchasing. But, that's right, I like this enough that I'm thinking about buying it.  

Lovely texture, good colour & good coverage - not too heavy but enough to even your skin out.  Feels good on my skin.  As a foundation it's a good choice.  

I'm not convinced it would work as a concealer but if you already have it as a foundation, it doesn't hurt to try it. I do love a product with multiple uses. 

I think it's worth the money.   You can often get kits with this and three to four other products in which saves you money if you want to try the brand.  Their luminizer has great reviews!  Amazingly sell the kits at about 100 euros which is about £80.  Most places sell the kits at 150 euros.  Just the uncover up is 36 euros and that is about £26.  

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