Tuesday 22 September 2015

Ilia Beauty base

One of my Amazingy samples was the Ilia concealer.  Amazingy threw in the tinted moisturiser for free - just because they are thoughtful like that.  I hadn't chosen the moisturiser as I was concerned it would be too sheet but as I had a sample I gave it a go.  

I got:

* Ilia Beauty Moisturizer Los Roques (T1)
* Ilia Beauty Vivid Concealer Cassava (C1) 

Both samples came in pots which made it easy to try and a decent amount.  

The tinted moisturiser was a good shade and blended well.  If you are looking for a sheer coverage then this would be ideal. 

The concealer is denser but still easy to rub in.  The texture is suitable for covering imperfections and I will test it when I've more time.  I will keep this in mind.  


Tinted Moisturizer:  I do like it but I'm looking for more coverage.  It is something I'd consider if my tastes change because the colour is ideal and felt good on my skin.  It would even out my skin tone.

Vivid concealer:  This is going on my wish list as it is a good colour and texture for a concealer.  I'm bound to use up the sample but will try it on my face before buying.

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