Wednesday 16 September 2015

Sept Beauty Buys (MOA and Acorelle)

I bought some treats and samples from Naturismo which has to be my top online organic store.  The site is easy to use and find what you want and I like their offers.  All orders get free shipping! 

I bought: 

*  Acorelle Balance set £15
*  MOA green Balm £4.99 


The set comes with three 10ml bottles of scents with armotherapthy benefits to balance you.  

*  Silky Rose:  my signature perfume is Chloe but I've found that other Rose perfumes just can match it.  However, this was a lovely sweet uplifting floral scent and I've found myself wearing it everyday.  
*  Vanilla Blossom:  this was the scent I was most excited to try but was disgusted.  Scent is a personal taste and some may like it.  On me it smelt like old lady and moth balls.  I hate being wasteful but I really hate the smell.  
*  Absolu Tiare:  this was the scent I would never have bought if it were not part of the set. It's pleasant.  I've thrown it in my handbag as an emergency perfume.  

ACORELLE VERDICT:  you get a good variety in the box and they are decent sizes to really try them out or use on the go (holiday).  I'm glad I tried them before buying full sizes as I almost bought the vanilla one.  The Rose is going on my xmas gift wish list.  It isn't long lasting and it's very subtle but since wearing it my mood has been on a constant hight - perhaps the aromatic effects.  


This is an everything balm.  

I bought it for my son's cut finger to help it heal.  He's a toddler so he's constantly finding new dangers to get bumps and scuffs.  My plan was with mummy's kisses, cuddles and magic balm, boo boos will be gone.  

Noah isn't that bothered by it. 

I on the other hand was suffering with some dry skin on my nose - I think it was caused by Glow Tonic which I stopped immediately and read scary reports about skin cancer.  I decided I needed a more moisturising cleanser for my skin and decided to give MOA a go as it was sitting on my shelf.  

Like coconut oil you need to warm this up into an oil.  It is softer though, more like butter.  I massaged it onto my face then pressed a warm flannel onto my face - to open the pores and let it enjoy the balm.  Then, I washed it off.  Next, I rinsed my flannel under the cold tap and pressed it against my skin to close the pores.  My face felt clean but moisturised.  I wasn't worried about using a toner to remove the last traces because this product can be used as a moisturiser.  My skin loved it.  

I had a sample of another balm cleanser that just didn't live up to the joy I had with MOA.  

MOA VERDICT:  I wish I'd bought a larger pot!  This is affordable and so versatile.  It is an amazing product.  I'll be getting the bigger size come pay day. 



With every order you can buy up to 5 samples.  There is also usually a 7 free samples offer if you spend over £25. 

I choose: 

* Cauldaline - Divine oil 
* Aurelia - miracle cleanser 
* Vapour -highlighter in trick stick 
* Balmology - nourish beauty balm 
* Balmology - cleanse cleansing balm 

They threw in: 

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