Sunday 11 March 2012

British Writers Award

I spent this morning editing Drift and my synopsis. Then I spent the afternoon checking the format was correct to meet BWA's guidelines. 


  • One to two pages long 
  • The whole story revealed (including the ending)*Font must be Arial, 12pt, black 
  • Top left must say "Synopsis - Drift" 
  • Word or pdf format 


  • Three consecutive chapters - ideally the first ones 
  • Font must be Arial, 12pt, black 
  • Must follow the synopsis in the same document 

As I was worried that they may not be able to open my Word document, I printed and saved it in pdf format. I then submitted it to both the Novel and Children's Story categories as you can make three submissions and the submission can be the same story to more than one category. If I want, I can submit another entry but I don't think I have anything else up to standard. I've got several stories in the making but nothing else polished and complete. 

Once this was done, I went to bake some butterfly cakes to celebrate.  I think my creative writing is better than my creative yum - icing sugar, white chocolate stars and smarties everywhere.

Good luck to everyone that has entered. I think this one will have a lot of competition as it is international and the fee is quite reasonable (about £10 for three entries).

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