Saturday 19 May 2012

Feed a Read Competition

Win a Critique
We all want to be read, even published writers.  So, on Feed A Reed they are offering the chance to budding writers to be read by an editor at Random House.To enter, all you have to do is read the first 6 pages of 6 books and answer a question about each one.  Deadline is 31 May 2012.  It looks as if this competition runs every month so check back.

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Self Publish
With Feed A Read they also offer your a chance to Self Publish.  You can publish your novel with them for free on their website or for a fee of £88 your book can be made available to major online publishers (like Amazon) and high street book shops (like Waterstones).  The website appears to have good reviews.  I can't say I've looked into Self publishing that much so don't know how good this is but the sales pitch was very good.

The books that do well also get a chance to receive a critique from supporting publishers of the site.  They can offer you a publishing deal.  The website is funded by the Arts Council.

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