Thursday 24 September 2015

Hiro Cosmetics

I had not heard of Hiro cosmetics until I saw them on Amazingly's website.  I really liked the sound of the space balm and requested a sample.  Amazingly felt I should consider Hiro mineral powder so threw a sample pot of that into my order along with the balm sample. 

I got:

* Hiro Space Balm -#02 Altaira 
* Hiro Mineral Foundation - #01 Porcelain 

The balm was tricky to get out the bag to try.  It had a sticky texture and was thick.  

The powder was easy to get out the pot and dust into my arm.  It did have some sparkles in it.  

The balm is slightly darker than the powder.  It has a matt look whereas the powder has a shimmer look. 

They balm rubbed in well but is noticeable on my skin due to the heavier coverage.  The powder seemed to disappear but left a sparkle which I'm not sure I like for everyday wear. 


Balm:  I wish I had more product to try.  I will try it on my face but I think it may be a tad to dark for me.  

Mineral powder:  I can't see me using a sparkly face powder for everyday.  I can see my younger self wanting it for nights out on the town but I very rarely get a night out now and can't warrant the expense of an occasional powder.  

I'm really happy with my Lily Lolo mineral powder that I am not considering replacing it. 

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