Thursday 9 May 2019

Jewel of the Sea – Chapter 13

The new chapter has taken a few days to edit. Here are the challenges I faced whilst editing this chapter.

The main delay was due to changing the role of Ana in the story.

In the original version, she goes away to see a specialist doctor in America to get help with her sleep disorder. This resulted in her being away for most of the story.

In my current rewrite I have decided Ana will have a bigger part to play. She doesn’t go away, Mariah confides in her and together they experiment with magic. I’m enjoying writing the new content but it is slowing me down.

In addition, chapter 13 is 3.5k words long. This is long for me as my chapters generally tend to be half that.

The last delay on this chapter is that Aria is going through a nocturnal stage so I’m spending more of my evening settling her than working on my novel.

If you would like to see the new chapter on Wattpad, click here.

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