Thursday 5 January 2017

Movella Review

I ranked this number 3 in my favourite sites for writing.  It was designed for mobile use and they certainly have achieved that with the highest number of supporting apps for their website (unless you are a Windows user). 

This site appears to be aimed at teenagers, so you will find a lot of fan fiction!

Blog:  This is a great idea.  You can blog on Movella.  This sounds like an excellent way to keep in touch with your readers but also to give reviewers a louder voice.

Community:  My first attempt at this site I met a very self involved guy who very critical of everything I wrote and not in a constructive way.  He was bossing me about on what I had do - instead I was just put right off.  I don't like pretentious people. 

However, I doubt he represents the rest of the community and I'm hopefully he has moved on.  I've headed back to give the site a second chance and meet some nice people.

Writing:  I don't find this the most user friendly site for creating or updating your stories.  There is a limited number of covers so you really need to make your own.  You can add a YouTube video at the start. Writing the chapters feels very much like a forum post.

App:  It has a lot of apps.  The main one enables you to read on the go and apparently update your writing (but I can't figure out how).  However, I find the app tricky to navigate like the site but maybe if I used it more I'd get used to it.  You can also get apps specific to your tastes like poety or OneDirection fan fiction - if that's your thing. 

  • Blog
  • Competitions
  • Mumbles - a global status update
  • Easy to share on various social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pintrest, Tumblr, LinkedIn, etc)
  • Lots of apps (iOS, Android)
  • Very active
  • Juvenile users (I'm giving it another try and hope this has changed)
  • Limited choice of covers
  • Unattractive interface for writers
  • No Windows app

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