Monday 9 January 2017

Scibophile Review

Fans of this site are not going to like this review but of all the sites I used I really did not like this one. 

It has a reputation of being a website for serious writers that want to exchange their feedback for feedback.  It does achieve that image. 

The interface is very down to business and not fun at all!  You will not find any pictures, music or videos here.  This site is for critiquing and talking about the are of writing.   

Restrictive:  If you use the site for free you can only post two stories/chapters at a time.  I think this drives people to post ridiculously long pieces.  Paying members will find their posts at the top of the list for feedback, free members will have to wait. 

Dull reading:  I found I spent a lot of time reading long boring stories (that were well written) and in return got very little help.  The stories were not the sort that I enjoy reading.  I felt this process slowly destroying my soul. 

If it was easier to choose stories to read that meet my tastes then I'd have enjoyed it more.  There was only one story I read and actually enjoyed. It was about a witches training school.  I never could find it again which was a shame as I would have loved to have read more. 

Critique:  This is a strength for the site.  It has different tools and methods to enable readers to give in depth critiques.  As much as I complain, I did have two really good critiques.  It was also refreshing to know you can be brutally honest rather than pussy footing around to not hurt their feelings - this site is where when you go when you need to know how to improve your writing. 

However, if you can only post two chapters at a time, keep in mind that the reader may not know what happened previously in the story or developed a relationship with the character.  Again, I felt this meant they couldn't give me the full rounded critique I desired. 

Groups:  You can meet like minded writers by joining groups.  I joined a few YA groups but still find the environment very sterile.  I don't feel like I can get involved.  I still get regular emails, so I know they are active. 

  • For serious writers
  • Feedback exchange
  • Excellent critique tools
  • Reading distracts from time spent writing
  • Feedback is opinions of other writers (may not relate to your target audience)
  • Very restrictive (unless you pay)
  • Ugly interface
Some people really love this site for it's ability to enable users to provide deep critiques.  Personally, it was not for me.  I found it depressing and it killed my will to write. 

If you want to use this website, consider getting a membership.  However, from my experience, I feel the money would be better spent on a professional editor that understands my genre, target audience and takes time to read the whole manuscript.

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