Sunday 8 January 2017

Opuss Review

This is not a website, just an app on iOS.  Sadly, this app is getting less traffic.  They've done an amazing job of making it free and have a loyal fan base of writers who have been there since it first was released. 

App:  This app is perfect for mobile use as it is very simple.  It is mainly used for posting poems or short pieces.  It's easy to find something to read and to post.  It's like twitter for creative writing. 

Feedback:  You are unlikely to get any constructive feedback but people will comment, like and share what they enjoy and follow you.  The app ranks writers by their popularity and their is a chart for the top daily, weekly, monthly and yearly post. 

  • Simple to use
  • Fun ranking system
  • Great for short pieces of writing
  • Motivating community
  • Only available on iOS
  • Dwindling activity
  • Not great for long pieces of writing

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