Wednesday 27 May 2015

Beauty Without Cruelty

Currently, I use Bobbi Brown creamy concealer in Porcelain and Kiss Me Make-up mascara.

Bobbi Brown
The great thing about this brand is that the concealer and foundation comes in a wide range of colours.  My shade is Alabaster (the lightest shade) for foundation.  They also have a wide range of formulas so you can find that product that is best for you.  For ages, I didn't try the concealer because the lightest shade was porcelain and we don't have a local counter to test it out.  In the end, I risked it and it turned out to suit me fine.  The pot has a useful little mirror in the lid which I love.

What I don't like about it is that it's quite pricey for the small pot you get - after a month, I can already see the bottom of the pot.  They sell their cosmetics in China (by law they must test their products on animals).   It doesn't appear to be organic (I can't see an ingredient list or bragging that they are natural).  I'm also frequently disappointed by their special offers.  Despite the concealer's five star reviews, I'm not in love with this product.

Kiss Me Make-up mascaras
I go swimming every week and feel invisible without any mascara because my eyelashes are so light.  I need a good reliable waterproof mascara.  As I've got older my eyes have become more sensitive but Kiss Me has not irritated them.  This mascara has been awesome!

I don't think it is organic and believe they sell to China too.  In addition, I have to wait for the product to be shipped to the UK and there have been occasions when it has sold out and I've had to wait for it to become available.  Then, I've had to use inferior waterproof mascaras that leave a smudge under my eyes.

Beauty Without Cruelty
I was really pleased to see that BWC had a concealer and a waterproof mascara. I ordered them both together with their liquid foundation as I currently don't have a liquid foundation and I've always preferred a liquid one.

Concealer pencil
Everywhere I looked for the super cover cream concealer pencil in fair was sold out.  Eventually, I found a store that were stocking it.  However, when it came to dispatch I got an email to say it wasn't in stock and I could have an alternative product or a refund.  Obviously, I wanted a refund.

Waterproof mascara
This arrived sealed in a cellophane wrapper.  However, when I peeled it off the mascara was dry.  My lashes were still strawberry blond after one coat and black flakes speckled my cheeks.  I didn't feel like I could return it because I had used it - so. that was a waste of money.

Liquid Foundation
I got the colour sheer because it was the lightest.  It does appear to be a good shade on me.  However, it is really sheer - maybe I should have guessed from the shade name.  It is lovely that I can see my freckles but I can also see my blemishes and pink tone in my skin (it does not even out my complexion).  I used it twice and then felt the product was pointless.

All in all, my experience of BWC was very disappointing which is a real shame because they are affordable and they don't test on animals.  Sadly, for me, the products just don't work and functionality is very important to me.

It looks as if I will be sticking with Bobbi Brown and Kiss Me for a little while longer.

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