Wednesday 6 May 2015

Writing Experiment

When I started Drift in December 2010 I found WeBook to be incredibly active.  It was my first experience of an online writing community.  The feedback I received on the project was extremely useful and motivating.  Once my manuscript was complete, I worked on editing to get it suitable to send out to agents/publishers.  After polishing it up, I hoped to get feedback again on what required further improving.  Each time I returned, there was less and less activity.

Is it because I no longer have the same volume of free time to dedicate to the community so my contacts have waned.
Is it because readers have moved on to other websites that are more in tune with their evolving needs such as those with mobile applications.  

I decided to conduct an experiment starting from the first Bank Holiday in May to the last. 

I have picked four websites to post my writing to.  These sites are:


Each day I aim to contribute at least 500 words to the project.

Each site has the same novel image, the same blurb and the same chapters. The chapters are uploaded almost simultaneously.  

The goal is to identify which website is most active and achieves the best outcome (i.e feedback). 

At the end of the experiment I will share my findings and review the four sites.  

In addition, I finally will have started a novel I've been wanting to write for years but never been sure how to begin.  

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