Wednesday 27 May 2015

PC on its way out

I'm pretty sure my PC is on its way out.  It has been incredibly frustrating recently where I can spend over an hour just to open a webpage.  On top of that my dad was rushed to hospital.  Finding productive time at my computer has been non-existent.  Most nights, I've got so annoyed with the ridiculous tortoise pace it operates at that I've thrown in the towel and headed up to bed to watch some Pretty Little Liars.

The actresses on that show are stunning.  Then I find myself looking at my dated wardrobe and worn out make-up and wishing I had the money to update it all.  Then I end up using my mobile to search the web for beauty bargains.

My new years resolution this year was to try and be more conscious of the make up I buy - animal testing, chemicals, fair trade, etc.

It's not always possible.  The most difficult thing is that these products aren't readily available.  I can't go into town and try out different foundation colours or smell a perfume.  Many of these products are not cheap so I can't gamble on them. Over the past few months, I have researched products online, reading reviews watching YouTube vidoes, to try and work out what to buy.  I've had some wins and some losses.  I will try to share these to try and help other consumers.

My check list is:
  • product works
  • affordable
  • not tested on animals
  • free of harmful chemicals
  • fair trade

Here is my current wishlists (for research):

Left to right:  Pixi - Mesmerizing mineral palette (Emerald Gold), Pixi - Eye bright liner, Ere Perez - Cheek & lip tint (Joy), Tata Harper - Volumizing cheek and lip tint (Very Sweet),  Hurraw - Tinted lipbalm (Blackk Cherry), Ere Perez - Volumising waterproof mascara (black)

Left to right:  Maybelline - Baby skin, Missha - M signature real complete BB cream (#13 Light Milky Beige), Beauty Bay Blender Sponge (yellow), Laura Mercier - High coverage concealer (#0.5), Ere Perez - Oat Milk Foundation (Light), Lily Lolo - Mineral Foundation (Porcelain)

Left to right:  Pixi - Glow tonic, Aurelia - Miracle cleanser, Pure Konjac - Puff sponge (Green clay), Holika Holika - Pig-nose clear blackhead 3 step kit

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